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AL MARWA Carpets

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Mosque Carpet
12 mm
25 x 4 mtr

Tradition Meets Innovation: Discover AL MARWA Carpets at AL SAMIAH FURNITURE


Welcome to AL SAMIAH FURNITURE, your premier destination for superior-quality flooring solutions. In our ongoing commitment to excellence, we proudly present the AL MARWA Mosque Carpet collection. Imbued with timeless design, exceptional craftsmanship, and superior materials, AL MARWA Carpets redefine the standards of sophistication and comfort in mosque interiors.


About AL MARWA Carpets:


AL MARWA Carpets are meticulously designed and crafted to enhance the ambiance of mosque spaces. These carpets represent a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, creating an inviting and spiritually uplifting atmosphere within your sacred space.


Unveiling the Distinctive Features:


Pure Excellence with 100% PP Heatset:

AL MARWA Carpets are crafted from 100% PP Heatset, a mark of pure excellence in carpet quality. This choice of material ensures durability, resilience, and a luxurious feel underfoot. The result is a carpet that not only stands the test of time but also exudes elegance in every fiber.


Sublime Pile Height:

With a pile height of 12 mm, AL MARWA Carpets strike the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. The plush texture adds a layer of luxury to your mosque, providing a soft and welcoming surface for worshippers during prayers. The carefully chosen pile height enhances the overall visual appeal of the carpet.


Versatile Roll Size for Seamless Installation:

AL MARWA Carpets are available in a versatile roll size of 25 × 4 meters. This adaptability ensures a seamless installation process in various mosque spaces, accommodating both small prayer areas and expansive halls. The generous dimensions cater to the diverse layouts and requirements of different mosques.


Installation Excellence:


At AL SAMIAH FURNITURE, we understand that the installation process is crucial to the overall success of your mosque carpeting. Our team of skilled installers is equipped with the expertise to handle AL MARWA Carpets with precision, ensuring a flawless and aesthetically pleasing outcome. We take pride in delivering not just a product, but a complete solution that enhances the overall appeal of your sacred space.


Customization Options:


Recognizing the unique identity of each mosque, AL SAMIAH FURNITURE offers customization options for AL MARWA Carpets. Our professional carpet designers work closely with mosque committees and stakeholders to create bespoke designs that align with cultural motifs, color preferences, and architectural nuances. This bespoke approach ensures that the carpets seamlessly integrate with the overall design aesthetics of the mosque.


Benefits of Choosing AL MARWA Carpets:


Timeless Elegance:

AL MARWA Carpets bring a timeless elegance to your mosque, creating an atmosphere of serenity and reverence. The carefully curated designs and quality craftsmanship contribute to an interior that reflects the sanctity of the space.


Comfortable Prayer Experience:

The plush pile height and premium quality of AL MARWA Carpets offer a comfortable surface for worshippers during prayers. The softness underfoot enhances the overall prayer experience, making the mosque a welcoming and comforting space.


Durable and Resilient:

Crafted from 100% PP Heatset, these carpets are designed for durability and resilience. The robust nature of the material ensures that AL MARWA Carpets can withstand the demands of regular foot traffic, maintaining their beauty and integrity over time.


Easy Maintenance:

AL MARWA Carpets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. Their easy maintenance requirements make them suitable for busy mosque environments. Regular cleaning and care will preserve the beauty of these carpets for years to come.




AL MARWA Carpets at AL SAMIAH FURNITURE exemplify a commitment to quality, design, and customer satisfaction. Elevate your mosque’s interior with carpets that seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, creating a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually uplifting. Contact us today to explore the AL MARWA Mosque Carpet collection and embark on a journey of elegance for your sacred space.


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