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Design Carpets On 2023

We aren’t talking about a return to shag carpets and eccentric patterns from the 1970s. There is much here to convince you that your carpets are back in vogue, from luxury deep pile colorful design carpets in sumptuous jewel tones that can transform a bedroom to natural textures like jute and sisal, which are perfect for more modern rustic themes of colourful design carpets.


Interior Borders

By creating a custom carpet, designers may add a unique touch to buildings and interiors. Leaving a slight gap around the edge of a carpet when installing it on top of a hardwood or tiled floor (a key look in terms of flooring trends) helps the carpet stand out and allows opportunity for the addition of a decorative border.
Interior designers gave this carpet a scalloped edge in a recently completed project, and we like how it contrasts with the cabinetry next to it while still enhancing it.


Bold Colors

According to some designers, carpet should take the place of paint because it adds a wow factor to the house, which is a major focus of the moment’s color trends.
If you’re unsure whether to incorporate such a statement, use a tone that complements the wall colors to keep the whole design cohesive. Pick a contrasting color for maximalists to make sure it stays a feast for the eyes!


Soft Lilacs

While grey carpets have always been a safe choice within both colourful and monochromatic interiors, choosing a pastel shade such as lilac is a lovely alternative and helps to avoid the interior space looking too drab with colourful design carpets. It can be combined with colours that are currently in style for living rooms, like richer wine tones or even warm greens and yellows, to create a cheerful atmosphere that makes the perfect canvas for the addition of colour through furniture and accessories.
Margrethe Odgaard, a textile designer and colour alchemist, developed a new colour palette for Ege Carpets that includes this delicate lilac shade. It creates a relaxing sensory environment in the area. This colorful design carpet’s patterns are also produced using regenerated and regenerable yarn.


Religious Stripes

The classic attractiveness of striped patterned rugs is still a clear preference for many designers today. Striped patterns allow for the incorporation of a wide range of tones and colours. Stripes are very effective in bedrooms since they are striking enough to seem a bit fascinating yet subtle enough to still provide a relaxing environment.
Using striped carpets with other striped fabrics is becoming more popular, and it looks great when the stripes are arranged in opposition to one another. Use wider stripes and more repetitions to keep the design modern, in keeping with current bedroom trends, and less traditional.


Carpet Artwork For The Wall

While traditionally we think of carpets for the floor, designers are rethinking ideas by using carpets and rugs as striking works of art for the walls. This is a clever method to soften living spaces and make them feel as though they are comforting you. It recalls bygone periods where large-scale tapestries would hang in stately halls and drawing rooms.


3D Designs

Although deep, textured carpets can make you think of the shag carpet, which we can only hope never makes a reappearance, there are more stylish ways to incorporate 3D textures. For a look that is right on style with carpets with multicoloured designs, choose a thick, high pile wool carpet with noticeable loops. If you’re looking for more neutral living room ideas, this is a great choice since you can keep the colour muted and let the texture provide curiosity.


Aesthetic Toned Carpets

While using carpets for its most well-known function—adding warm, pleasant, and calming feelings to a space—is a significant trend, it is also evident from carpet trends that we may be growing more bold with our colours and designs. The warm, earthy tones only increase the atmosphere’s cosiness. To add deeper tones to a neutral environment without dominating those softer, milder colours, these deep ochre and terracotta tones are ideal.


So Are Carpets Back In Style?

Honestly, this is the subject we have been debating up till now. Yet, after speaking with fashion experts and designers, we are confident in saying that, when done well, colourful design carpets look to be making a comeback. Hence, if you’re considering shifting from having bare flooring, go for it and be motivated by these colorful design carpets styles seen in Al Samiah Furniture.

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